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April Was our First BRCPS Kindness Month!


BRCPS Kindness Club Founders

BRCPS Kindness Club Founders

Earlier this year, four young BRCPS scholars took the initiative to approach their teacher, Ms. Freeman, with an idea they had come up with all on their own – to form a Kindness Club for the purpose of promoting kindness and caring throughout the school. Ms. Freeman loved the idea and presented it to the school leadership team, who decided to involve the 6th grade student council, as well. With the help of BRCPS teachers and staff, and their families, the scholars brainstormed ideas for activities that could encourage the kindness, caring and friendship they hoped to promote.

In the end, the students came up with a whole month’s worth of activities, in which the whole school ultimately participated. Some of the activities included scholars reading compliments over the intercom each morning, and dedicating each day or week of April to a friendly activity, such as “Hey Day” to say hi to someone new and make a new friend, “Positive Post-it-note Day” to post nice notes about your friends around school, No One Sits Alone Day and more.  Finally, the Kindness Club also produced a 6 minute long short movie (below) about choosing kindness over bullying with a story conceived of by the kids themselves.






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