We are looking for people who are passionate about Boston Renaissance, motivated to create positive social change, and possess skills in leadership, public speaking, and planning. Alexandra Buckmire, Head of School

What is a Renaissance Ambassador?

Ambassadors are people who spread the Boston Renaissance mission, showing their passion for the school while helping us invest in continuing to support our scholars, bolster faculty excellence, and provide robust arts and music programs. Ambassadors are people who are motivated to make the world a better place and use their social networks to help Boston Renaissance meet fundraising and community engagement goals.


1. Alumni who are willing to make a significant commitment and have a desire to determine the future of the school and the scholars we serve are encouraged to join us.

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Renaissance Ambassador Responsibilities

Ambassador responsibilities include attending regular meetings, the annual board meetings, assisting with planning school events, activities, and initiatives to engage peers, and representing the school in the community. Ambassadors also help with charitable activities, fundraising, art and music festivals and other school events.


Benefits of a Renaissance Ambassador

By becoming a Renaissance Ambassadors, you’ll receive access to the Boston Renaissance alumni network, free swag and cool rewards, plus early-invitations to our events including the Voices of Renaissance Chorus.

Boston Renaissance is committed to creating and maintaining a bridge between our current scholars and our alumni; striving to offer educational, social, and character enriching activities and events for all past, present, and future Renaissance members.

Boston Renaissance is a charter public school serving students in grades K1 through sixth with a mission to nurture and develop academic, social and emotional competence while building confidence, charter and citizenship among our scholars. Students are admitted by lottery and represent the Boston Area, including the Roxbury, Dorchester, Mattapan, and Hyde Park. We go beyond core academics to provide a rich array of arts and music programs and support services.

We take pride in preparing students for their educational careers and beyond.

Renaissance Ambassadors exemplify this pride, and are committed to the mission and helping the school and our scholars succeed.


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    Boston Renaissance Charter Public School


    Boston Renaissance is committed to creating and maintaining a bridge between our current scholars and our alumni; striving to offer educational, social, and character enriching activities, networking opportunities and events for all past, present, and future Renaissance members. 


    The mission of the Ambassador Board is to increase awareness about Boston Renaissance and the scholars and families we serve. Renaissance Ambassadors (RA) accomplish this in many ways: 


    • Ambassadors are enthusiastic and dedicated Renaissance members who are excited to share their story to help elevate awareness for Boston Renaissance.
    • Ambassadors are passionate about our cause and committed to keeping abreast of new, relevant opportunities that positively support educational initiatives and prepare scholars for a successful future. 
    • Ambassadors have the ability to participate in fundraising activities and to seek the contributions of time, treasure, or talent. 
    • Ambassadors have the opportunity to join our alumni and community network while also utilizing and uplifting their personal connections to contribute to building the Boston Renaissance community. 


    Ambassador Responsibilities: 

    • Renaissance Ambassadors agree to participate in a minimum of four suggested activities per year:
      • Student Volunteer Event 
      • Winter Coat Drive 
      • Winter Food Drive 
      • Choir Celebration 
      • Kings and First Lady Event
      • One or both of the following campaigns: 
        • GivingTuesday/End of Year Campaign
        • Spring Campaign 

    Responsibility: Create a personal campaign page for Boston Renaissance annual fundraising campaign on personal social media page (Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/LinkedIn) 

    • Ambassadors are expected to attend organizational meetings and assist with planning school events, activities and initiatives to engage peers. 
    • Boston Renaissance Ambassador will represent the school in a professional and courteous manner and uphold the best interest of the school throughout all engagements. 
    • Ambassadors may utilize social media content generated by Boston Renaissance in their outreach. 
    • Ambassadors serve a one-year term and are eligible to re-apply on an annual basis. 
    • Upon acceptance, Renaissance Ambassadors are asked to participate in a welcome to Renaissance session. 


    Boston Renaissance Support:

    • Ambassadors will receive a PR Ambassador kit, including a copy of this signed agreement, informational resources, reference materials, flyers, material samples, and social media content.
    • Boston Renaissance will recognize Ambassadors on our website, in newsletters and through social media.
    • Boston Renaissance will promote events and fundraisers on our website and social media.  
    • Boston Renaissance will reshare Ambassador posts, Tweets and Facebook posts on our platforms. 
    • Access to networking opportunities with fellow Renaissance Ambassadors, community leaders, and corporate partners. 
    • Special access to Renaissance apparel and invitation to annual event hosted by the Head of School. 


    Applications are accepted on a rolling basis. We look forward to having you join the team and helping to spread the Renaissance mission!


    Renaissance Ambassador Agreement

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