School Safety Plan and Resources


BRCPS is committed to all children’s and staff safety in the event of an intruder on campus. We use ALICE as a guideline and resource to utilize the most effective safety measures possible to ensure the health and safety of our students. The preventative safety measures and resources at BCRPS are listed below.

  • A School Safety team has been trained by the ALICE program and will be present in different areas of the building throughout the day.
  • BPD will do annual walkthroughs in the building to ensure safety upon arrival. 
  • Staff and students will participate in simulation training drills throughout the year as guided by ALICE. Parent’s will be notified in advance.
  • Cameras are located both inside and outside of the school campus and monitored throughout the day.
  • A “FOB”, automatic locking system is in place at all of the school’s access points where only staff are permitted to gain access to the building.
  • Staff IDs and pictures are updated yearly to regulate only appropriate staff in the building at all times. 
  • ALICE trained staff are strategically placed at access points during arrival and dismissal times.
  • We have a zero tolerance policy in place for students who make threats, make or bring anything to be considered a weapon into school. Please refer to the Family Handbook in regards to procedures and potential consequences.
  • Social Media and internet monitoring software is in place to help monitor for mentions of the school online. Staff receive prompt alerts of any mention of the school as the software finds them.



BRCPS will work closely with local police and fire departments to ensure the safety of our children and staff. In the event of a hostile intruder on campus, 911 will be called immediately and an announcement will be made over the PA system. In addition we will be using the “Crisis Go” application as a communication platform to alert, inform and communicate to all staff in the event of an emergency situation. In the event of an emergency situation, we will respond using three different models based on the circumstances of the situation (Evacuation, Shelter in place, and Lockdown).

Evacuation -This response is used when there is a fire or other internal unsafe condition. Students and staff evacuate to a designated rally point.

Shelter in Place– This response is used when there is an external security threat, severe weather, or an airborne hazard. External doors may be locked based upon the specific situation. 

Lockdown – This response is used when there is an internal security threat. Students and staff are hidden and quiet in locked and in classrooms.



BRCPS will utilize all of its resources in the recovery process both mentally and physically. In the event of an emergency situation, families will be notified via email and robo call once the situation is under control. We will utilize the Crisis Go application to safely dismiss students to families after an event.

Members from our Mental Health team, which include Licensed Professional Counselors will assist in debriefing and further supporting children, families and staff. Contact information for the Mental Health Team can be found on the Mental Health Team website.