Arts & Enrichment are an essential part
of every child’s education at Boston Renaissance

From its founding over two decades ago, Boston Renaissance has recognized and remained committed to the idea that arts education is not only a vital component of every student’s education, but (as a wide body of research has now demonstrated) actually strongly improves student academic performance and outcomes as well.

It is with this spirit and the hard work of countless professional artist/teachers that Boston Renaissance has developed its arts and enrichment education into the robust, nationally recognized program that exists today.

Specialty classes are part of every students’ instruction during during the school day. They include:

Visual & Performing Arts
Fine Arts
Theater Arts

Digital Media & Technology
Multimedia Production
Computer Literacy

Chinese Language & Culture

Physical Education & Recess
Recess Collaboration
with Playworks



Click here for videos, photos and many more details on our thriving program of Arts & Enrichment Specialty Classes.

THE VOICES OF RENAISSANCE program is a nationally recognized program which complements our many arts & enrichment opportunities with a thriving after school program of musical performance, public speaking, debate, and mentorship.

The full program includes participation in the school’s Voices of Renaissance Chorus as well as participation in The Young Kings & Young Queens Mentoring Program, The Dr. Roger F. Harris Oratorical Society, and the Professor Charles J. Ogletree Center for Debate and Discourse.

Click here for videos, photos and many more details on our nationally recognized Voices of Renaissance program.