Welcome From Our Head of School

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Welcome, and thank you for your interest in Boston Renaissance Charter Public School,

Established in 1995 as one of Massachusetts’ first charter schools, we have a long, proud history of serving children and families in the city of Boston. Our mission is to nurture and develop the academic, social, and emotional capacity of our students, ensuring they develop the skills and confidence they will need to succeed in education and in life. Our work centers on providing every student with a well-rounded and challenging academic program, coupled with targeted supports and services to promote holistic, healthy development.

At Boston Renaissance, we strive to be more than a place where students study and learn. We are a place where children experience connection, encouragement, and the safety and confidence to express themselves fully, a place that holds deeper meaning in our students’ lives and the lives of their parents and caregivers. This connection comes from the sense of belonging to a community, and at Boston Renaissance, community is at the heart of our school.

Our teachers and staff have developed a strong professional culture built on shared values and dedication to our students. This sense of “Renaissance Family” has developed naturally over the years but we are also intentional about maintaining this strong sense of community throughout the school. We hold fun events and celebrations, big and small, so while we are doing challenging, important work day in and day out, we can do it in a shared spirit of appreciation and joy.

Also central to our school community is our students’ parents and caregivers. We know that collaborative, trusting relationships between school and home are a critical ingredient to student success, so working with students’ families is one of our highest priorities at BRCPS. This is an ongoing process that begins in PreK and extends throughout each student’s time with us.

I understand this imperative well because I was a Renaissance parent before I became a staff member. When my daughter began attending in 1997, I fell in love with the school and soon became a parent volunteer. In 1999, I joined as a staff member, working on family engagement. Eventually, I became the Director of Unified Student Services, overseeing all special education, English language learner programs, mental health and health services. I became Head of School in 2016 and have worked to continue the proud traditions of equity and community for which Boston Renaissance has stood since its founding.

I am deeply committed to equity and making sure every child who comes through our doors gets what she/he needs. This means making significant investments in staff, technology, special education, English learner education and social and emotional support for our students and families. I work closely with our Board of Trustees to ensure our school policies and resources are continuously aligned with these values and our whole-child mission.

Externally, Boston Renaissance is proud to partner with local community-based organizations and nonprofits, and we work collaboratively with our colleagues at Boston Public Schools and other Commonwealth charter schools. Since 1999, our Voices of Renaissance Chorus program has provided a window into the school for members of the community, as we regularly open our doors for student performances and mentoring programs. We thank all of those who have given their time and resources to support our students over the years, and we welcome new partners and friends to join us. You can learn more about BRCPS by browsing the website, and we encourage you to contact us to schedule a visit in the near future.

Thank you for your interest and your support,




Alexandra Buckmire
Head of School