Family Resources & Forms
  • Dress Code/Purchasing School Uniforms

    BRCPS has a mandatory uniform and dress code policy. (Details below.)

    All students are required to wear a BRCPS logo shirt every day.
    Students may also wear the BRCPS sweat suit.

    Uniform shirts and more may be purchased from either store listed below. 


    Metro School Uniforms
    Order Online:
    Store location:
    745 Dudley Street
    Dorchester, MA 02121


    Donnelly’s School Uniforms
    Order Online:

    In-store shopping BY APPOINTMENT ONLY:

    Donnelly’s Clothing, 70 Tolland Street, East Hartford, CT. 06108, 800-498-0045

    Donnelly’s Clothing at Howard Industrial Park, 50 Sharpe Drive, Cranston, RI. 02920, 401-942-5202, 800-498-0045

    Donnelly’s Clothing at Sullivan Square, 260 Marion Road, Wareham, MA. 02571, 508-291-2975, 800-498-0045

    Donnelly’s Clothing, 39 Cummings Park, Woburn, MA. 01801, 800-498-0045

    Donnelly’s Clothing, 1471 Main Street, Weymouth, MA. 02190, 800-498-0045


    Parents also have the option to purchase a sweat suit directly from the school (pants and jacket) for $25 (CASH ONLY) which must be worn with the light blue polo shirt with school logo beneath the jacket.

    Parents may purchase other items without the school logo, navy pants, skirts, and jumpers at a retailer of their choice.

    Parental cooperation is essential for the success of our dress code policy.


    BRCPS Dress Code

    All students: Light blue polo BRCPS logo shirt, BRCPS sweat suit, rubber soled shoes or sneakers.

    Boys: Navy blue trousers and/or sweatpants

    Girls: Navy blue slacks, skirt, dress/jumper or sweatpants Shorts may be worn in September and June

    Navy sweaters may be worn over a collared shirt in cold weather. Please note that no hooded sweaters or sweatshirts are allowed.


    Consequence for Coming to School out of Uniform

    Students who do not comply with the dress code policy will be subject to the following consequences: 

    • Parent Notification 
    • Lunch Detention (grades 1-6) 
    • Other consequences deemed appropriate by school administration


    For more information about the school uniform policy, please refer to the BRCPS Family Handbook.

  • Well-Being Resources for Families

    In an effort to support our Renaissance families, we have created this document of resources that may be helpful during this difficult time. We recognize that even the most exhaustive list of supports may not fully address the unique challenges families are facing, and as a whole school community, we are united to promote the well-being of our students and their families.

    Well Being Resources for Families_English

    Well Being Resources for Families_Espanol

    Well Being Resources for Families_Haitian Creole

  • School Supplies
  • Tech Support

    BRPCS Families, for Tech Support with computers – email us at

  • Grade Level Learning Standards - Guides for Families

    The MA Dept. of Elementary and Secondary Education has created guides to help families understand what students are expected to know and be able to do by the end of each grade. BRCPS uses curricula and teaching strategies that are aligned with these standards. These guides are designed to help families and teachers work together to support learning. We encourage you to talk to your child’s teacher about the standards and your child’s progress in learning and applying these skills.

    Standards for Families_PreK

    Standards for Families_K

    Standards for Families_1st

    Standards for Families_2nd

    Standards for Families_3rd

    Standards for Families_4th

    Standards for Families_5th

    Standards for Families_6th

    These documents are also available in Spanish:

    Standards for Families_Spanish_PreK

    Standards for Families_Spanish_K

    Standards for Families_Spanish_1st Grade

    Standards for Families_Spanish_2nd grade

    Standards for Families_Spanish_3rd Grade

    Standards for Families_Spanish_4th Grade

    Standards for Families_Spanish_5th Grade

    Standards for Families_Spanish_6th Grade

  • Understanding Student Grades & Report Cards

    At BRCPS, report cards are issued three times per school year. We envision report cards that reflect a scholar’s individual path towards meeting grade level standards (as outlined by the Massachusetts/ Common Core State Standards).  Please click here to learn more:  

    Parent Guide to Standards-Based Grading

  • Special Education Parent Advisory Council

    The Boston Renaissance Special Education Parent Advisory Council (SEPAC) is comprised of volunteers who dedicate their time to act as a resource for parents. The intention of SEPAC is to advise the school on matters that pertain to the education, health, and safety of students with special needs and disabilities in grades K1- 6.

    To learn more, please see the brochure attached below, and feel free to contact the BRCPS Director of Unified Student Services, Stacia Copeland, at

    BRCPS SEPAC Brochure

    For more information regarding MA special education law and the establishment of a SEPAC, please see this document: Communication to BRCPS parent community re_ SEPAC waiver application

  • Health & Medical Care

    Boston Renaissance offers Dental and Vision services.  If you are interested in your child receiving these services for your child, you can print one or both forms out, fill them out and make sure to sign them, and up-load them into the system.

    As a reminder, all medication that is going to be given in school requires a medication order form from your child’s primary care physician and can be uploaded into Care Flow.

    If at any point you have questions, you may contact Care Flow to assist you through the process.

    Please contact the BRCPS Health Office at 617-357-0900 ext 1104 if you have any questions.

    Completion of all the Health Office information should be completed before the start of the school year.




    Cold vs. Flu – Health Tips for Winter

    Boston Renaissance Vision Services 
    The New England College of Optometry screens each student annually at the school and provides eye exams and vision correction therapy and services for students and families.
    Boston Renaissance & Tufts Community Dental Services
    Our on-site dental clinic screens each student annually and provides teeth cleaning, dental exams, fillings, fluoride treatments, sealants and referrals. After years of a partnership providing off-site dental care for a limited number of students, Boston Renaissance’s on-site dental clinic opened in 2007 and has continued to serve hundreds of students each year since.
    For more information, contact the Health Office.
  • Bullying Prevention

    Bullying Prevention & Intervention

    Social and emotional competence is a fundamental part of the Renaissance mission because BRCPS believes students progress when they feel positively about themselves and have the skills to deal with conflict and difference in a variety of social situations. BRCPS has established community programs within classrooms to build students’ self esteem, leadership, and commitment to and ownership of academics.

    Strategies implemented in this area include:

    • Extensive professional development for teachers in character education, including Responsive Classroom, Open Circle, behavior management techniques to maintain a strong and safe classroom environment, and work on BRCPS core values.
    • Development of a more unified, pro-active approach to student discipline issues by BRCPS Student Support Team, focusing on prevention over consequences
    • Development of a more unified approach to all student services, including anti-violence programming, reading and math intervention services, speech and language, occupational therapy, and Special Education services.
    • Development of Leadership Programs with specific goals for leadership to self, to school community, to local community, and to world community

    To learn more about BRCPS bullying prevention and intervention policies and procedures, please see the Student and Family Handbook*.  BRCPS Family Handbook

    If you are concerned about your child being a victim of bullying or displaying bullying behavior, please contact the school immediately.

    *Updated March 22,2024 

    Bullying Prevention and Intervention Plan replaces the plan in the BRCPS Family Handbook.




    Bullying Incident Report form

    BRCPS Bullying Incident Report Form

    BRCPS Bullying Incident Report Form SY 23-24 Spanish

    BRCPS Bullying Incident Report Form SY 23-24 Haitian Creole

    Anti-Bullying Resources

    Stop, Walk & Talk


  • After School Program


    After School Program

    The After School program application for school year 23-24 is available as of 6/1.

    Download the After School Program Application


    • We are accepting applications on a first come first serve basis. We strongly encourage you to submit your application prior to August 1st.
    • We are ONLY ACCEPTING HARD COPY applications.
    • Deposits will be required to secure your slot once we have confirmed staffing and classroom set up. (expect a confirmation about your acceptance by mid August).
    • Summer Hours to submit applications are: Tuesday – Thursday, 9 – 2.


    The After School Program of the Boston Renaissance Charter Public School offers a safe educational and social environment for children from kindergarten through grade six. The program operates from 3:30 p.m. to 6 p.m. each school day, and commences with nutritional snacks, socialization, and a rest period. Students receive tutoring and homework assistance from staff, as well as direct instruction or review of skills taught during the academic day. Varied recreational activities and play time are also offered. Parents pay a monthly fee. The program is run by a full-time director and staffed by Renaissance staff members.

    For more information, please contact the After School Program Director, Alethia Knight at or (617) 357-0900 ext. 3113.

  • Summer Program

    Summer Scholars Program

    Unfortunately, BRCPS Summer Program will be canceled for this current school year due to HVAC repairs. We will update this page if anything changes.

    Here are other summer program options in our community.

    We thank you for your interest and encourage you to apply during next year’s enrollment period.



    The BRCPS Summer Scholars Program is designed to be a fun-filled, rewarding and exciting experience. BRCPS is committed to providing a vibrant educational experience for all Boston children who are interested in joining our program. We strive to nurture and develop children academically, socially and emotionally, in a stimulating supportive environment.

    Breakfast and lunch are provided on a daily basis. If your child is allergic to specific foods or you have concerns about snack time, please let us know. Your son/daughter has the option to bring his or her own and lunch/snack.

    Transportation is not provided by the school.

    We are an approved childcare provider through Child Care Choices of Boston (617) 542-5437. Please be advised that our policies apply to all voucher recipients. Please contact Mrs. Lisa Augustin.

    Summer Scholars will explore the Boston/Hyde Park area in many different daily activities including:

    • Basketball, Soccer, other Sports
    • Arts & Crafts
    • Movies
    • Plaster Fun Time
    • Swimming at the YMCA 3rd-6th grade


    Summer enrollment forms will be posted in the spring.

    For questions about the program, please contact Summer Program Coordinator, Lisa Augustin, via email, or by phone.

    Lisa Augustin

    617-357-0900 x1191

  • IEP Meeting Parent Survey
  • Substance Use Prevention

    Substance Use Prevention & Intervention

    Drugs and alcohol are strictly forbidden on the BRCPS campus. Students found to be in possession of, or under the influence of drugs or alcohol will receive support services and be subject to disciplinary consequences, as articulated in the Family Handbook.

    BRCPS teachers, counselors, administrators, and support staff are trained on identifying potential symptoms of student substance use. We have a school-wide plan for working with students and families when students have engaged in the use of drugs or alcohol.  Please see our plan attached below, and please speak with your teacher, administrator, or a member of our counseling team if you have any concerns about substance use and your child.

    BRCPS Substance Use Prevention Policy

Resources for Families

Boston Renaissance was a pioneer of the full-service school model and proudly carries on that tradition today.

This means that in addition to our well-rounded academics, arts and enrichment programs, BRCPS also provides an extensive range of non-academic programs and services on-site to support our families, and every student’s physical, emotional and social development. 

Boston Renaissance also now has a Family Resource Center located on campus, which is available for parents and guardians of Renaissance students between 8:00 – 1:00, Monday – Friday during the school year. The Center has several Laptop Computers and Wi-Fi access, along with information and referral services for local agencies and programs.  

BRCPS Family Center

The Center is located in one of our temporary offices near the rear of the building, inside the wooden fence.