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Welcome BRCPS Families!

Boston Renaissance welcomes the parents, guardians, and families of students as partners in the education and development of each child.  We look forward to seeing you at the school and encourage you to be an engaged member of the Renaissance community.

Students of all backgrounds and abilities are welcome at our school.  We take pride in serving students with special learning needs and those for whom English is a second language.

BRCPS designs its academic program, including the use curricula and instructional strategies, in alignment with Common Core State Standards. Please click here to learn more:


Self-Evaluation and Continuous Improvement

At BRCPS we see ourselves as life-long learners and believe it is critical that we strive to continuously improve our work as educators.  We invest significant time into professional development, self-evaluation, and improvement planning.  We go through a process of self-evaluation each year, working to identify specific action steps we can take to enhance our teaching and learning processes and better support students.  Please review this self-evaluation community letter to learn more, and contact us if you have any questions.

BRCPS Self Evaluation Community Letter Oct 2019


Family Engagement and Communication

We strive to be engaged and accessible to students’ parents and guardians.  Parents and family members with questions can contact BRCPS Family Engagment Coordinator, Tamairi Rivera, at, or 617-35-0900 ext.1124.

BRCPS uses the PowerSchool online student information system to track student attendance and other data.  Parents can learn more about PowerSchool and how to access the BRCPS PowerSchool Parent Portal with this user guide:

Power School_student_and_parent_portal_user_guide


Below is a quick reference guide to some of the most essential info you’ll need to succeed at Boston Renaissance.

For full details of all school information, procedures and policies, please check the other links in this section and refer to the Boston Renaissance Family Handbook. Each family will receive a printed copy of the handbook with a Parent/Family signature page at the back which must be completed, signed and returned to your child’s homeroom teacher acknowledging that you have read, understood and agree to all school policies. A digital version of the handbook and can also be found on our website HERE.

Handbook Highlights
  • BRCPS Essential Info

    Boston Renaissance Charter Public School is located at

    1415 Hyde Park Avenue
    Hyde Park, MA 02136



    Extension 1100 for the front desk


    School Hours:  7:15 – 3:15

    Students may arrive between 7:15 – 7:55 and enter through the student entrance located at the back of the building.  Students arriving after 7:55 will be marked tardy, and must enter through the main office entrance, accompanied by an adult.


    BRCPS operates 180 school days per year. We honor all federal holidays, and have half-days on Fridays throughout the year, with students dismissed at 10:30am.  Please see the Calendar for details on important dates throughout the school year.

  • Parental Involvement

    Parent involvement is crucial to the success of each student and the whole school community. Your active participation in the education of your child, as well as your participation in the life of the school, is critical to our mission and shared success.

    We believe that parent involvement is everything you do to support your child’s education. This participation includes what you do at home to foster good study habits and love of learning and, when possible, your active involvement at school in those areas that contribute to the ongoing support of students and staff.

    Parents are strongly encouraged to make sure that their child is prepared for learning at school everyday by:

    • getting a good night sleep, 8-10 hours every evening.
    • striving for perfect attendance
    • arriving to school on time everyday
    • building an on-going relationship with teachers and staff

    Here are some of the ways you can be involved with your child’s education at home:

    • Read aloud with your child every night for at least 20 minutes.
    • Talk to your child about school. Ask specific questions, such as, “What did you do in math class?” or, “What did you talk about in science class?”
    • Establish and enforce an appropriate time to go to bed each night.
    • Check homework for completion and neatness.
    • Talk about your own positive learning experiences.
    • Share the importance of appropriate behavior in school and on the way to school.
    • Provide both quiet time and a quiet space for a child to do their homework.
    • Volunteer your services in and out of the classroom

    Click HERE for full details of parental involvement policies in the Handbook.

  • Dining Services

    BRCPS Dining Services are provided in partnership with Chartwells.



    A message to BRCPS families regarding dining services during remote learning, SY20:

    Dining Services Parent Letter Sept 2020


    Click here to see School Menus.


    At Boston Renaissance, breakfast and lunch is provided for FREE for all students, every day.

    Our Dining Services Director, Mark Van Etten, and the entire dining services team, take pride in preparing healthy, nutritious, high-quality meals that the children will enjoy. Of course, families who wish to send their children with lunch from home are welcome to do so on any given day they choose.

    Students will eat in the cafeteria, except for K1 students who will eat in their homeroom.  Students may bring a bagged lunch.  Students may also bring their own drink (not in glass containers) or receive milk during lunch.


    BRCPS has universal breakfast which means breakfast is free to all students. Breakfast is only served until 7:50 am for grades 1-6. Kindergarten students eat breakfast in the classroom. Students who are tardy and arrive after 7:55 am for school will not be able to have breakfast.


    Lunch is also provided free for all students.  We provide a variety of nutritious meals, planned and prepared under the leadership of our Dining Services Director, Mark Van Etten.




  • Transportation

    Bus transportation is provided by Boston Public Schools.  Families who need assistance with understanding their bus route or bus stop location should contact the BPS Transportation Department, using these links:

    BPS Transportation page:

    Page with BUS FORMS to fill out:


    To speak with BRPCS about bus transportation, please contact Director of School Safety, Dwayne Veale, at, or 617-357-0900 Ext. 1364.

  • Dress Code

    School Uniform and Supplies

    BRCPS has a mandatory uniform and dress code policy.

    Parents may purchase light blue polo shirts bearing the school logo from J.B. Pride and L&M Bargain Store Inc.

    J. B. Pride (formerly J.B. Edward) is located at 28 Corey Street, West Roxbury, MA, and L&M Bargain Store Inc is located at 640 American Legion Highway Roslindale, MA. Parents may purchase other items, navy pants, skirts, and jumpers at a retailer of their choice.

    Parents also have the option to purchase a sweat suit directly from the school (pants and jacket) which must be worn with the light blue polo shirt with school logo beneath the jacket.

    Parental cooperation is essential for the success of our dress code policy.

    The BRCPS Mandatory Dress Code:

    • Boys may wear navy blue trousers with a belt and a light blue long or short-sleeved polo shirt, bearing the school logo, tucked in.
    • Girls may wear navy blue slacks, skirts with white or navy blue tights, or jumpers (no shorter than two inches above the knee) and a light blue long or short-sleeved polo shirt bearing the school logo.
    • Boys and Girls may also wear the school sweat suit with light blue polo shirt bearing the school logo available for purchase at the school.
    • On days that students have movement class, boys and girls can also wear gym uniforms, which consist of navy blue cotton sweat pants and a navy blue sweatshirt
    • Navy blue shorts, capris and skirts, no shorter than two inches above the knee, and light blue polo shirts with the school logo may be worn May 15 through September 30
    • Navy button-front sweater or solid navy button-front sweatshirt with no hood may be worn if desired.
    • Due to safety concerns, flip-flops are not to be worn anytime.



  • Arrival & Dismissal


    Students should arrive to BRCPS beginning at 7:15am, and no later than 7:55am each morning.  The student entrance is located at the back of the campus, just past the playground area. Families driving their children to school should not pull into the bus lane; please use the designated parent drop-off lane.

    School staff will be in position outside every morning to welcome children to school.  Students having school breakfast should proceed directly to the cafeteria before going to their classrooms.

    Students arriving after 7:55am will be marked tardy and must enter through the front entrance, accompanied by a parent/guardian.



    Student dismissal begins at 3:15pm. Students traveling by bus will be escorted to their buses by teachers and staff.  Students who are picked up by their families or private transportation will line up the cafeteria and gymnasium; when their family member/driver arrives, they will need to show the staff at the parent-pick up area their child’s unique dismissal card, with the student’s assigned three-digit number.  Each student will be assigned a number and families will be given dismissal cards at the start of the school year.