Our Team

Like all Commonwealth Charter Schools, Boston Renaissance is governed by an independent Board of Trustees, and operates under the leadership of the Head of School, who serves as the academic leader and chief executive. The Chief Financial Officer oversees the financial and operational aspects of the school, and reports to the Head of School and the Board of Trustees.

For purposes of administration and professional development, the school is divided into the Lower School (Grades K-2) and Upper School (Grades 3-6), each overseen by a Director and an Assistant Director.  The school Leadership Team also includes the Director of Unified Student Services, the Director of Visual and Performing Arts, and the Director for Accountability and Strategic Planning.

This team supports the work of over 170 teachers and staff – including classroom teachers, reading and math specialists, instructional coaches, special educators, mental health counselors, specialty teachers, front office staff, and more.

At BRCPS we have a strong team orientation.  We have grade-level teams for each grade K1-6, the Specialty Team, Climate & Culture team, and more.  But in the end, we operate as ONE TEAM, working together, rowing in one direction – dedicated to educating children and serving families to the best of our ability, with integrity and respect.

Alexandra Buckmire
Head of School
Dorothy Warwick
Executive Assistant to Head of School
Phil Littlehale
Chief Financial & Operations Officer
Evelyn Lee
Director of Visual & Performing Arts
Farah Assiraj
Director of Upper School (3-6)
Rachel Beck
Assistant Director of Upper School (3 & 4)
 Kendra Lueken
Director of Lower School (K1-2)
 Courtney Donati
Assistant Director of Lower School (K2 & 1)
 Stacia Copeland
Director of Unified Student Services
Sarah O’Connor
Assistant Director of Unified Student Services
 Franklin Shearer
Director of Accountability & Strategic Planning
SY 2018-2019
Staff Name Position Room # Extension
Nicole Silva Literacy Facilitator (K1-6) B308 5308
Jennifer Bestgen Literacy Intervention
Facilitator (K1-6)
B203 5308
Monica Linari Math & Science
Facilitator (K1-6)
B308 5308
Kate Fonseca Lower School
Instructional Coach (K1-2)
Erica Prince Upper School
Instructional Coach (3-6)
Staff Name Position Room # Extension
Amy Carignan Gen Ed Teacher – Lead B128 3128
Lisa Augustin Paraprofessional B128 3128
Alexis Brown Gen Ed Teacher B129 3129
Ingrid Tangui Paraprofessional B129 3129
Jillian Beaule Gen Ed Teacher B127 3127
Denice Higley Paraprofessional B127 3127
Kelsey Donovan Gen Ed Teacher B126 3126
Stacey Kershaw Paraprofessional B126 3126
Janine Mullaney Gen Ed Teacher B125 3125
Harriet Gay-Rose Paraprofessional B125 3125
Laura Sargent Gen Ed Teacher B124 3124
Carmen Kershaw Paraprofessional B124 3124
Staff Name Position Room # Extension
Casey McGregor Gen Ed Teacher – Lead B117 3117
Keri Finnegan Paraprofessional B117 3117
Anita Sebastian Gen Ed Teacher B118 3118
Rosinda Almeida Paraprofessional B118 3118
Lauren Foley Gen Ed Teacher B120 3120
Elaine Sacco Paraprofessional B120 3120
MaryKate McCarthy Gen Ed Teacher B121 3121
Gayle Spencer Paraprofessional B121 3121
Evelyn Cardoso Gen Ed Teacher B107 3107
Marion Olden Paraprofessional B107 3107
Emily Barker Gen Ed Teacher B110 3110
Kaila Clancy Paraprofessional B110 3110
Mary Moreau Special Ed Teacher B117 3117
Ashleigh Buckley Special Ed Teacher B107 3107
Staff Name Position Room # Extension
Josselyn Prendergast / Ashleigh Jones Gen Ed Teacher – Lead B221 3221
Samira Mourad Gen Ed Teacher B222 3222
Molly Norton Special Ed Teacher B222 3222
Alexandra McKenzie Gen Ed Teacher B106 3106
Kaitlin O’Keeffe Special Ed Teacher B106 3106
Nancia Kavaltzis Gen Ed Teacher B105 3105
Aubrey Quackenbush Gen Ed Teacher B104 3104
Jennifer Menge Gen Ed Teacher B102 3102
D’Ann Burrow Teacher Assistant B102 3102
Staff Name Position Room # Extension
Christine Smith Gen Ed Teacher – Lead B303 5303
D’Ann Burrow Teacher Assistant B303 5303
Corinne McCarthy Gen Ed Teacher B302 5302
Ashley Zimmerman Special Ed Teacher B302 5302
Kathryn Orie Gen Ed Teacher B304 5304
Monica Guen Special Ed Teacher B304 5304
Hanna Stuart-Shor Gen Ed Teacher B321 5321
Keryn Thorvaldsen Gen Ed Teacher B310 5310
Anthony Nitolo Gen Ed Teacher B315 5315
Staff Name Position Room # Extension
Christina Devonis Gen Ed Teacher – Lead B204 4204
Judy Kim Gen Ed Teacher B202 4202
Grace Stewart Special Ed Teacher B205 4205
Carrie Ulich Gen Ed Teacher B205 4205
Jackelyn Porto Gen Ed Teacher B206 4206
Allison Fountain Gen Ed Teacher B207 4207
Kristiana Sargent Gen Ed Teacher B208 4208
Tiffany Flanagan Special Ed Teacher B208 4208
Jalissa Latson Teaching Assistant
Staff Name Position Room # Extension
Ashley Hall Special Ed Teacher – Lead B325 5325
Jason Hubert Gen Ed Teacher B325 5325
Faith Martin Gen Ed Teacher B324 5324
Jessica Nicholas Gen Ed Teacher B323 5323
Kasey Gately Gen Ed Teacher B322 5322
Molly Thomas Special Ed Teacher B322 5322
Rebecca Freeman Gen Ed Teacher B320 5320
Staff Name Position Room # Extension
Karen Silva Math / Science Teacher – Lead CR5 5505
Jesse Abrams Gen Ed Teacher CR3 5503
David Bill Special Ed Teacher CR3 5503
Troy Sargent Gen Ed Teacher CR4 5504
Elizabeth Gogoi Special Ed Teacher CR4 5504
Kim Kostas ELA/Social Studies Teacher CR2 5502
Jalissa Latson Teaching Assistanta
Staff Name Position Room # Extension
Aaron Kesler Special Ed Teacher – Lead B226 4226
Cari Ann Dufresne Gen Ed Teacher B226 4226
Colleen Shaw Gen Ed Teacher B225 4225
Anne Marie Schiller Special Ed Teacher B225 4225
Alison Spade ELA / SS Teacher B223 4223
Gregory Simkins Math / Science Teacher B223 4223
Staff Name Position Room # Extension
Debra Crossman First Grade B309 5309
Susan DuPont Second Grade B309 5309
Jaclyn Everson Third Grade B309 5309
Julia Miller Fourth Grade B309 5309
Cathy Schumer Fifth Grade B309 5309
Staff Name Position Room # Extension
Nishat Khan First Grade B307 5307
Erin Flynn Second Grade B307 5307
Rukhsana Hanlan Third Grade B307 5307
Aaron Gray Fourth Grade B307 5307
Staff Name Position Room # Extension
George Daway Building Substitute Teacher
Erin McElhinney Building Substitute Teacher
Lois Simpson Building Substitute Teacher
Staff Name Position Room # Extension
Jessica McGrath Kinder Substantially Separate Special Ed Teacher B116 3116
Lanette Johnson Kinder Substantially Separate Paraprofessional B116 3116
Marjorie Gardner Upper School Substantially Separate Special Ed Teacher B316 5316
Sharon Connolly Upper School Substantially Separate Paraprofessional B316 5316
Deanna Libby Lower School Substantially Separate Special Ed Teacher B213 4213
Ashlee Barrile Lower School Substantially Separate Paraprofessional B213 4213
Ellen Daly Resource Grades 1-3: Special Ed Teacher B212 4212
Donna Dee Resource Grades 1-3: Paraprofessional B212 4212
Andrea Dillingham Resource Grades 3-4: Special Ed Teacher B224 4224
Aaron Colletti Resource Grades 3-4: Paraprofessional B224 4224
Connie Buntin Resource Grades 5-6: Special Ed Teacher CR1 5501
Simone Marshall Resource Grades 5-6: Special Ed Teacher CR1 5501
Susannah Smith Child Study Team Coordinator U3-1 5330
Jessica Delosa Behavior Specialist Coordinator B210b
Staff Name Position Room # Extension
Meghan Foley SLP B210 4210
Angela Larocque SLP B210 4210
Kari Sawin SLP B210 4210
Staff Name Position Room # Extension
Jessie Combra Occupational Therapist B211 4211
Ashley Clarke Occupational Therapist B211 4211
Victoria Moore-Reid COTA B211 4211
Staff Name Position Room # Extension
Stephanie Marshall School Psychologist U3-2 5331
Amber Kallassy School Psychologist B300B 4250
Colleen Fiumara Social Worker B123 3123
Casey Pagliaro Social Worker B210a 3123
Jessica Buttner Social Worker B301 5301
Simon Davis-Millis Social Worker B113 3113
Staff Name Position Room # Extension
DeAnn Kelsey Nurse B112 1104
Maribel Duran Assistant Nurse B112 1102
Fran Justice-Ferguson Assistant Nurse B112 1103
Staff Name Position Room # Extension
Caroline Rizzo Music Teacher A112 1144
David-Christopher James Music Teacher A109 1109
April Shepard Dance Teacher B110 1110
Chelsea Cousineau Dance Teacher B113 1143
John Provenzano Art Teacher B305 5305
Shaanti Williams Art Teacher B306 5306
Luke Drexler Physical Education Teacher Gymnasium GYM
John Kanarski Physical Education Teacher Gymnasium GYM
Erin Baker Technology Library
Cuilan Wang Chinese Language Teacher A102 1120
Huilan Wang Chinese Language Teacher A108 1120
Angela Sabir Library Media Specialist A103 1219
Cindy Bistoury Media Assistant A103 1219
Staff Name Position Room # Extension
Paula James ESL Coordinator A107  1507
Shelby Galvin ESL Teacher B103 3103
Tori Coughlin ESL Teacher B101 3101
Ashley Whye ESL Teacher  B119  3119
Kelly Miller ESL Teacher B109 3109
Staff Name Position Room # Extension
Dwayne Veale Upper School Student Support B219/220 1364
Marcus Wise Upper School Student Support B219/220 1190
Betty Ann Lawrence Lower School Student Support B108 1304
Anthony Schofield Lower School Student Support B108 1304
Alisa Celey Upper School Student Support B209 5507
Anthony Eadie Mentoring Services / ISS
Staff Name Position Room # Extension
Khyree Veale Recess Coach
Marileyshka Bula Recess Coach
Jacky Perez Recess Coach
Tafari Augustin Recess Coach
Tevin Texeira Recess Coach
Dilenia Morel Recess Coach
Staff Name Position Room # Extension
Pablo Baez Maintenance
Leroy Edwards Maintenance
Jose Inoa Maintenance
Staff Name Position Room # Extension
Shaykh Muyeeb IT Manager 2105
Justin Harris IT 2105
Jeff Rosenbaum IT 2105
Staff Name Position Room # Extension
Denise Watson Daycare Director 3113
Yasmin Elliano-Anderson Infant / Toddler Lead Teacher 3111
Eva Ramirez Infant / Toddler Assistant Teacher 3111
Amelia Gonzales Infant / Toddler Floating Teacher 3111
Charilyn Andino Preschool / Lead Teacher 3122
Tennisha Pinnock Preschool Assistant Teacher 3122
Claudia Pacheco-Gonzalez Preschool Floating Teacher 3122
Staff Name Position Room # Extension
Christine Beckhusen Data & Assessment Coordinator A100J 4252
Alisa Muhammad Family Service Specialist POD 2  1713
Evan Schlossberg Digital Media & Communications Specialist POD 3  1150
Tammy Texeria Payroll & Benefits Coordinator A100D  1107
Monique Taylor Family and Partnerships Coordinator A100B 2201
Kaia Richards Registrar A100A 1125
Pauline Ciaramitaro Administrator of Support Services, Development & Public Relations
Staff Name Position Room # Extension
Ingrid Trench  Administrative Support & Reception 1119
Richard Johnston Administrative Support & Reception 1111


Edwine Alphonse – Accounting Manager, Circle Internet Financial, Inc.

Alexandra Buckmire – Head of School, Boston Renaissance

Lupita Colon – Suffolk Lawyers for Justice (Board Chair)

Shaumba Dibinga – Executive Director, OrigiNation Cultural Arts Center (Parent Representative)

​​​​​​​Aaron Kesler – Special Education Teacher, Boston Renaissance Charter Public School  (Staff Representative)

Brian Keith – Vice President, Charter Sales, SkyJet  (Board Vice Chair)

Fred Lowery – Senior Vice President, Thermo Fisher Scientific

Kelly Williamson – Tax Consulting Associate, McGladrey  (Board Clerk)